Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who bravely served in our military forces. Thank you for your contributions and sacrifices that have impacted the lives of so many. Happy Veterans Day!




Did You Know About Company Compliance Incentives?

Maintaining environmental compliance is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your business, too.

Compliance incentives are “policies and programs that reduce or waive penalties under certain conditions for business, industry, and government facilities that voluntarily discover, promptly disclose, and expeditiously correct environmental problems.”

Implementing an EMS system or Pollution Prevention program is just an example of how maintaining compliance can help reduce inspection frequency, provide advanced notice of NOVs and reduce reporting requirements (just to name a few).

ECATTS offers this awareness training in Environmental, Safety, Occupation and Health. Keep your business running efficiently, effectively and most of all, compliantly. Visit ecatts.com to learn more. Or view our online training catalogue now.

For more information on the EPA’s compliance Incentives, visit http://www.epa.gov/compliance/incentives/programs/index.html