Today is Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Get outside and do something nice for your environment!earth-day.jpg


Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22. How will you celebrate? Plant a tree? Organize a clean up? Educate yourself on recycling and conservation? Make the switch to energy-efficient electronics in your home? However you choose to recognize and help on this day, your Earth will thank you.

And remember, spend the day outside and enjoy your environment!


Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Mark your calendars for April 22. Earth Day is almost here!
What will you do to celebrate Earth Day? Better yet, what will you do to celebrate the entire month? Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling or carpooling? Start your spring gardening by planting more trees? Clean up your local parks or beaches?
There are so many great ways to help our environment. Let’s celebrate Earth Day all month. Let us know what you’re planning on doing to help!