EPA cites oil company for spill prevention and control violations

EPA cites Longview, WA, Oil company for spill prevention and control violations.The settlement agreement includes both fines and installation of an upgraded spill detection system.

“(Seattle) February 2, 2017 – EPA has settled with Wilson Oil Inc., (doing business as Wilcox & Flegel Oil Co.) for alleged Clean Water Act spill prevention violations at its Longview Terminal facility in Longview, Washington.

EPA determined after a 2015 inspection that the company had failed to implement an adequate Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan and lacked adequate secondary containment for large oil storage tanks in one of the Terminal’s tank farms. Since the inspection, the company constructed new secondary containment for that tank farm and upgraded their SPCC plan.

As part of the settlement, the Company will pay a $44,069 civil penalty and will implement a Supplemental Environmental Project worth approximately $125,000.”

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Environmental Noncompliance leaves company with stiff penalties

Maintaining compliance in the workplace is an ongoing process of utmost importance. Staying up to date on environmental rules and regulations can keep you and your company safe, and free from costly fines and regulatory scrutiny.

Recently, a ready-mix cement company was charged with a stormwater enforcement case against them from the EPA and the U.S. Justice Department. Violating the Clean Water Act at 18 of their ready-mix concrete plants, the settlement will result in a large penalty fine of $360,000, compliance upgrades costing approximately $1.8 million, and a supplemental environmental project (SEP) for the conservation of over 400 acres of land (at a value of around $2.36 million).

“Stormwater and water that runs off of trucks being washed at ready-mix concrete plants has a very high pH and contains oils, greases, and high levels of total suspended solids,” according to EPA’s press release. The press release goes on to state “The violations included CEMEX’s failure to implement best management practices at its facilities to properly operate and maintain storm water control measures, conduct required inspections and keep up to date stormwater pollution prevention plans as required by the general permit for stormwater discharges from industrial facilities.”

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Happy Anniversary, Clean Water Act!

2012 is the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act (CWA). This federal law governing water pollution established regulations for discharging pollutants and quality standards for surface waters.

These 1972 amendments marked an important step forward in addressing point sources of pollution, with future amendments following to address the non-point sources. Many pollution control programs, as well as water quality standards, have been set under the CWA.

Education is key in continuing to keep our waters clean. Take this opportunity to learn more about the Clean Water Act and what you can do to help.