Air Quality improves in the U.S.

A recent release from the EPA states that Air Quality continues to improve in the U.S. with the combined emissions of six key pollutants dropping by 73% in the last 46 years:

  • “Lead (3-month average) ↓99 percent
  • Carbon monoxide (8-hour) ↓ 77 percent
  • Sulfur dioxide (1-hour) ↓ 85 percent
  • Nitrogen dioxide (annual) ↓ 56 percent
  • Ground-level ozone (8-hour) ↓ 22 percent
  • Coarse Particulate Matter (24-hour) ↓ 39 percent and Fine Particulate Matter        (24-hour) ↓ 44 percent”

This significant progress to our air quality highlights the importance of the Clean Air Act and how education is essential to maintain a healthy environment.

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