Great System Feedback from the Air Force

Always a pleasure to hear such positive feedback from our Air Force clients:

“Excellent training material.”

“ I like the fact that the training is simple yet efficient. This [topic] is something I have seen for years and is quite important.”

“Good length, precise and short. Being able to work through the test and the material at the same time saves time while insuring information is learned.”


“ I like the audio that goes along with [it].”

“Great learning tools.”


More Client Quotes

We are thrilled to share some great feedback from our Air Force clients and even happier to know we are keeping our customers satisfied with their system!

“Location based training was very helpful and informative. Much better than generic training.”

“One of the better Online training.”

“Outstanding Training.”

“thanks for making it [short], also the reading totally prepared me for the test, thanks for being straightforward.”

“great information!!”

“I LOVED IT!!!!!!”

     – Air Force ESOHTN system clientele

Client Quotes of the Day

Wow! We received even more great feedback from our wonderful Navy clients.

Thanks, Navy! Customer satisfaction is our goal.


“Good awareness training of the Environmental Management System.”


“Great training for CDO’s.”

“LOVE that if I got any questions wrong, I only retake those questions.”

“subject was excellent”

“thank you for the review of the strengths and weakness section. it helps me recognize how to further improve my skills”

“The best (least buggy and frustrating) training yet.”

“Very helpful system, easy to use. Thank you!”

“Very informed training. I appreciate that the command is doing something positive to the only planet we have.”

“Superb technical / customer support in reestablishing my account.”

What our Clients have to say…

We are happy to report once again that we received positive user feedback from our Naval Clients. Thanks for the great comments, Navy!

“This is much better than attending a class. I like it.”

“this was awesome!”

“Very pleased with the subject matter…”

“very informative”

“This training was so useful and will help me better understand the importance of hazmat control.”


More Satisfied Customers!

Check out what our Air Force clients have to say about their ESOHTN training:

“The class was put together well.”

“Informative, quick and to the point. Great training!”

“Great training!  I highly recommend it!”

“‘Twas amazing!  10/10 loved it”

“The training and test was good no changes needed”

“Good course! ”

“Great training module :)”

“I like the fact that I could listen to the module while working.”

“Don’t change a thing”


Thanks, Air Force, for this great feedback!

From the Navy

We are extremely proud to share the positive feedback we received from our Navy clients for our 2015 Q4.

Thanks, Navy! Keep up the great training work!

“Best web training i’ve ever had!”

“I actually learned a lot about my role as a practice owner and what are my assumed responsibilities.”

“Absolutely flawless.”

“Videos help this training come alive and easier to remember.”

“Easy to understand and apply.”

“Great Training!!!”

“Very easy to navigate”

“Administratively, I believe this test is helpful to the work environment in which I’m employed.”


Customer Satisfaction from the Navy

Check out the great client quotes we received from last quarter’s system users:

“Nice, concise training.”

“This is a good straight forward training program. Well done!”


“Was Very Good Training on a subject material few people know much about. Thank You.”


Thanks to our Navy clients for your continued use and feedback!

What does the Air Force have to say about ESOHTN?

Wow! More fantastic ESOHTN system feedback from our valued Air Force clients:

“This training has changed my life in a positive manner.”

“Good training. I especially like the audio going through it. Allows me to replay anything I didn’t understand or might have missed.”

“Very helpful for my job.”

“The course was colorful and informative.”

“Awesome Training!!! Thank you!!!”

“Great info!”

Client Comments from the Air Force

In addition to the positive feedback we’ve received from our Navy clients, we are thrilled to be able to post these wonderful Air Force comments, too!

See what our Air Force users have to say about their ESOHTN system:

“I really enjoyed this training!”

“It was very easy to understand, this is a process we all can support”

“Excellent information provided about Green Purchasing”

“Great training tool”

Thanks, Air Force! We will continue to do our best to bring you the training you need!