Looking for ways to cut costs with your home’s energy usage?

Spring is here, and the heat is starting to make its comeback. Turning on your A/C unit can get you thinking about how much energy your home is really using. Take a look at the top 5 energy consumers, and ways to cut costs in your home:

#1 Air Conditioner
Your A/C works hard to keep your house cool. “To save energy and money, we recommend keeping your A/C thermostat set to 78 degrees when you are home and 82 degrees when you are away. If 78 degrees isn’t comfortable for you, just know that with every degree you raise the temperature on your thermostat you can save up to 5 percent on cooling costs. Every little bit helps!”

#2 Pool Pump

“Have a pool in your backyard? If so, your pool pump is actually the second biggest energy user in a home. To save energy, we recommend limiting your pump’s run time to six hours each day in the summer and four hours each day in the winter.”

#3 Water Heater

“Water heaters are also a big energy user because you pay to heat water and about 10 percent of the heat escapes from the tank. You can reduce this heat loss by purchasing a low-cost kit to insulate the pipes. You can cut your hot water usage by replacing old high-flow showerheads with modern low-flow showerheads and save up to $80 per year. Lowering your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees can also help you save about $10 a year.”

#4 Lighting

“Lighting is the fourth largest energy user for homeowners. Many of you are already taking steps to reduce the cost of lighting your home by swapping out older bulbs for more energy-efficient options like CFLs and LEDs.”

#5 Clothes Dryer

“The fifth largest single energy user is the clothes dryer for most customers. However, refrigerators or even televisions could be the fourth or fifth biggest user if you have more than one and they are older models. If you are considering a new refrigerator or big screen TV, make sure you look for the ENERGY STAR® label to ensure it will be energy efficient.”

Information from Florida Power and Light’s Blog, http://www.fplblog.com/ask-the-expert/top-5-energy-users-in-your-home/?cid=ren0415L3&acctnum=8697907536


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