Lighting up your holiday?

Check out some of these great energy-saving tips for lighting up your holidays:

A sparkling holiday display is the perfect setting for your celebrations. But are your holiday lights on the naughty or nice energy-efficiency list? Learn about the common causes of high bills and discover solutions to reduce energy costs.

Holiday Lighting Tips to Save Energy

When it comes to holiday lighting, LED (light-emitting diodes) lights shine in more ways than one – they can save you money and energy. Make the bright choice and opt for LED lighting this season. Outshine your neighbors using these tips as your guide to holiday lighting and lower bills:

1. Get more light for your money
If you’re having trouble quantifying the energy savings of LED lights, consider this: The amount of power it takes to operate just one 7-watt incandescent holiday bulb could power two 24-foot LED strings – enough to light a six foot tree (Source:

2. Save energy and the environment
Supplement your holiday displays with ornaments such as wreaths, ribbons and other decorations that don’t consume energy.

3. The number 10 is a bright number.
Opt for LED lighting on your lighted holiday displays. LED light strings use only 10 percent of the energy of regular incandescent light strings and last about 10 times longer (Source: Department of Energy).

4. All-in-one money saver
Plug holiday lights and other electronic decorations into a power strip to make it convenient to turn them all off before bedtime and boost energy savings.

5. Time is on your side
Set timers for your holiday displays to turn off before bedtime so there is no need to burn the lights all night long!

6. Consider a pre-lit tree
For those without time to decorate, pre-lit trees can be a great option, but make sure to specify you want it with only LED energy-efficient lights to help you save on energy throughout the season.

7. Light the way
Consider changing out driveway lighting with solar-powered lights to make your home a festive and energy-efficient oasis year round.

8. Outshine the neighbors
LEDs aren’t limited to just traditional lights; switch your icicle lights, walkway trees, snowmen, reindeer and more to brighten your holiday decor without breaking the bank.

9. Harness new energy
Many manufacturers offer rebates on qualified LED holiday lights, so in addition to saving on your energy bill, you could also save up to $2 on each string of lights!


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