Does Your Workplace Require HAZMAT Training?

Does your job or workplace involve Hazardous Materials? Are you up-to-date on your required HAZMAT training?

Below is an interesting article about Hazardous Materials in the workplace:

“Dealing With HAZMAT: What Employers Need to Know

by Roman Margoulis

Hazardous materials, also known as HAZMAT, are present in numerous professions. What seems to be an ordinary product might be flammable, toxic, or even explosive. It is essential for professionals in environments where they may encounter hazardous materials to receive adequate training on handling dangerous goods. Though one might only be responsible for a specific part of the process of dealing with HAZMAT, the training should cover topics such as transport, storage, use, disposal and emergency response.

OSHA’s hazard communication standard specifies: “This section [1910.1200(b)(1)] requires chemical manufacturers or importers to classify the hazards of chemicals which they produce or import, and all employers to provide information to their employees about the hazardous chemicals to which they are exposed, by means of a hazard communication program, labels and other forms of warning, safety data sheets, and information and training.” Employees have the right to know about potentially dangerous materials they could come across in their workplace. Thus, the employer is responsible for providing employees with training.

Employers should pay particular care to incorporate following topics into the training process:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Types of hazardous chemicals
  • Characteristics and effects of different chemicals
  • Labeling
  • How to safely handle dangerous materials
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Spills and clean-up

Employers also need to be aware of the specific regulations which apply to their geographic regions. As such, certain chemicals might be classified differently in the United States as opposed to other countries. Specific state regulations may also apply.”

Did you know that ECATTS/ ESOHTN offers 4 different training courses that specialize in Hazardous Materials awareness?

1. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS – This course offers an introduction to hazardous materials for personnel involved with the management of hazardous materials. Topics include the difference between hazardous materials, substances and wastes, what makes a material hazardous, who governs hazardous materials, and the warning signs of harmful situations.

2. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS MANAGEMENT FOR UNIT ENVIRONMENTAL COORDINATORS – This course educates on hazardous materials management, such as hazardous properties of materials, the importance of using HAZMAT properly, record–keeping, and disposal requirements.

3. HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SPILLS FOR UNIT ENVIRONMENTAL COORDINATORS – This training offers information on hazardous material spills; specifically, the actions to be taken when spills or accidental discharge of hazardous materials occur, how to contain or report a spill, removing a spill, and storage tank POL releases.

4. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS STORAGE PRACTICES – This training provides an overview of the proper management, use and storage of hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Other topics include requirements for HAZMAT storage, flammable storage cabinet management and compressed gas management, reducing the types and volume of hazardous materials, reducing the amount of expired hazardous materials, and ensuring proper hazardous waste management.

For a complete look at all of our training courses, visit our website at or our view our online training catalogue now.


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