Spotlight on CEMAS Training

Are you in need of CEMAS training? You’re in luck!

ECATTS/ ESOHTN offers a comprehensive training series dedicated to the many components of the Civil Engineering Material Acquisition System (CEMAS):


This is an in-depth training series consisting of 39 courses that provide an overview of how to use CEMAS. Targeting new and existing CEMAS users, this training covers user rights, fund cites and organization codes, variables, how to add a noun, new noun maintenance, material requisitions, award purchase order, receive item, assign holding area, material complete notification, CPPG purchase, store maintenance main store, store maintenance forward stores, store maintenance store reorder, material issue, non CEMAS GPC purchase, material returns, on hand material transfer, non material GPC purchase, Bill of Material (BOM) close-out, GPC reconciliation, material distribution, prime vendor interface, Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) interface, funds flow and monitoring, inventory adjustments, work flow, transaction history file, monthly management summary, material acquisition workload, END of Session (EOS) processing, and end of session products.

Additional CEMAS courses include:

  • Introduction
  • User Rights
  • Fund Cites and Organization Codes
  • Variables
  • How to Add a Noun
  • New Noun Maintenance
  • Material Requisitions, Part I
  • Material Requisitions, Part II
  • Award Purchase Order
  • Receive Item
  • Assign Holding Area
  • Material Complete Notification
  • GPC Purchase, Part I
  • GPC Purchase, Part II
  • Store Maintenance Main Store
  • Store Maintenance Forward Store
  • Store Maintenance Store Reorder
  • Material Issue
  • Non-CEMAS GPC Purchase
  • Material Returns
  • On-hand Material Transfer
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Close-out
  • GPC Reconciliation
  • Material Distribution
  • DLA-Prime Vendor Interface, Part I
  • DLA-Prime Vendor Interface, Part II
  • SBSS-Standard Base Supply System Interface
  • Funds Flow and Monitoring
  • Inventory Adjustments, Part I
  • Inventory Adjustments, Part II
  • Work Flow
  • Transaction History File
  • Monthly Management Summary
  • Material Acquisition Workload, Part I
  • Material Acquisition Workload, Part II
  • End of Session (EOS) Processing, Part I
  • End of Session (EOS) Processing, Part II
  • End of Session (EOS) Products

To learn more about these courses, visit our online training catalogue now.


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