Spotlight on Hazard Awareness Training: HAZCOM, Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials

Did you know ECATTS/ ESOHTN offers 12 different training courses specializing in Hazardous Communication, Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials?

  1. Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) – Targeting personnel involved with the management of hazardous materials, this course educates on the hazard communication standard, the written program, physical hazards, understanding health information, physical and health hazard control methods, material safety data sheets, and label requirements.
  2. Hazardous Materials – This course offers an introduction to hazardous materials for personnel involved with the management of hazardous materials. Topics include the difference between hazardous materials, substances and wastes, what makes a material hazardous, who governs hazardous materials, and the warning signs of harmful situations.
  3. Hazardous Materials Management for Unit Environmental Coordinators  This course educates on hazardous materials management, such as hazardous properties of materials, the importance of using HAZMAT properly, record–keeping, and disposal requirements.
  4. Hazardous Material Spills for Unit Environmental Coordinators  This training offers information on hazardous material spills; specifically, the actions to be taken when spills or accidental discharge of hazardous materials occur, how to contain or report a spill, removing a spill, and storage tank POL releases.
  5. Hazardous Materials Storage Practices  This training provides an overview of the proper management, use and storage of hazardous materials (HAZMAT). Other topics include requirements for HAZMAT storage, flammable storage cabinet management and compressed gas management, reducing the types and volume of hazardous materials, reducing the amount of expired hazardous materials, and ensuring proper hazardous waste management.
  6. Hazardous Properties – Designed for personnel who generate, package, handle, store, transport, or manage hazardous materials or waste, this training provides an overview of the terms required to understand and identify the physical and chemical properties of a hazardous substance. These are hazardous property terms related to vapor, temperature, and fire, the pH scale, MSDS, and Hazardous Materials Information Resource System.
  7. Hazardous Waste Compatibility  Designed for personnel who generate, package, handle, store, transport, or manage hazardous materials or waste, this course covers the basics of storage compatibility, including how to safely store hazardous materials, DoD hazardous chemical compatibility system and Federal regulations.
  8. Hazardous Waste Identification – Designed for personnel who generate, package, handle, store, transport, or manage hazardous materials or waste, this training educates on how to identify hazardous waste. Topics include the definitions of solid waste and hazardous waste, exclusions, listed wastes, contaminated debris and media, and land disposal restriction program.
  9. Hazardous Waste Management  Designed for personnel who generate, package, handle, store, transport, or manage hazardous materials or waste, this training offers an overview of managing hazardous waste. Other topics include general requirements, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), state laws, classifications, generator status, reporting requirements, making a hazardous waste determination, and hazardous waste containers.
  10. Hazardous Waste Management for Unit Environmental Coordinators  Designed to target Unit Environmental Coordinators, this course offers an overview of the hazardous waste management duties. Additional topics include identifying regulated wastes, hazardous waste disposal procedures, and wastes requiring special management.
  11. HAZMAT Shelf–life Management Program for Unit Environmental Coordinators  This course offers guidelines for a shelf–life management program, such as shelf–life materials, self–life codes and markings, time periods and cure date.
  12. HAZWOPER: First Responder Awareness Video Training  Targeting personnel who work in areas where hazardous materials are used and stored, this course provides an overview of duties of the first responder in a hazardous materials accident. This training also features a video addressing the important information a first responder needs to know before calling the emergency dispatcher.

These courses are targeted towards specific audiences and even translated into multiple foreign languages for your convenience. To view all versions offered, or for more information on any of our courses, visit our online course catalogue now.


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