More Reasons to Buy Green

It’s becoming more important to purchase environmentally friendly alternatives. The article below is taken from the EPA on their Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP):

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) helps the federal government “buy green,” and in doing so, uses the federal government’s enormous buying power to stimulate market demand for green products and services. Geared first to help federal purchasers, this site can help green vendors, businesses large and small — and consumers. Use the easy index to:

  • Find and evaluate information about green products and services;
  • Identify federal green buying requirements;
  • Calculate the costs and benefits of purchasing choices;
  • Manage green purchasing processes.

Read more about the EPA’s EPP program and view helpful links to sites regarding green products and services, tools and other related links:

Did you know that ECATTS/ ESOHTN offers a training course on the similar Green Procurement Program?

Green Procurement Program (GPP): This is a detailed training course targeting personnel involved with purchasing, project planning or hold a Government Purchase Card (GPC), and those responsible for purchasing or writing specifications to purchase items that can be made with recovered materials, hazardous materials, toxic materials, ozone depleting substances, energy efficient components or items that use alternative fuels. Additional topics include GPP benefits, green procurement policy, responsibilities, GPP legal requirements, the seven components of GPP, energy and water efficient products, mandated supply sources, documentation, and finding green products.

For more information on our training courses, visit our website at


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