Environmental Award Winners

Last month, the Secretary of the Navy announced the FY2010 Environmental Award Winners for ‘exceptional environmental stewardship.’

The SECNAV Environmental Awards Program recognizes Navy and Marine Corps individuals, teams, ships, and installations for exceptional environmental stewardship. “I’m thoroughly impressed by the effort and professional expertise the Navy and Marine Corps personnel expend in their environmental improvement endeavors,” said Mr Len Mediavilla of Groton, Conn., a returning environmental awards judge.

Congratulations to the following active installations using ECATTS!

Cultural Resources Management, Installation

USN Winner: Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada

Environmental Quality, Industrial Installation

USN Winner: Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Georgia

USMC Winner: Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Environmental Quality, Overseas Installation

USN Winner: US Naval Support Activity Bahrain

Environmental Restoration, Installation

USN Winner: Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia / Naval Support Activity Norfolk, VA

Natural Resources Conservation, Large Installation

USN Winner: Naval Base Ventura County

Sustainability, Non-Industrial Installation

USN Winner: Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois

To view the full story, visit:  http://www.navy.mil/search/display.asp?story_id=59268


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