Report to Congress Cites ECATTS (ESOHTN) Brown Tree Snake Training

Did you know that Andersen AFB is providing mandatory on-line training for new base personnel on the Brown Tree Snake (BTS) program using ECATTS? This unique training module includes an explanation of the threat posed by the BTS and the role in prevention of accidental export. The growing threat of this species in Guam has caused the DoD to take action to prevent its introduction into other non-native areas, such as Hawaii, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the Continental U.S. as a result of military aircraft, personnel or cargo displacement.

Both the Navy and Air Force have committed to working on this program with training and budgetary efforts to educate their personnel on capture and population reduction of this species to eliminate spread. The DoD has also recognized that education and public awareness are important components of this program.

For more information on our BTS training, or any other courses, call 1.866.730.4253 or visit



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